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Increase productivity with Evernote during the holidays

This time of year, especially because of the holidays, my calendar begins filling up with lots of  “to-do’s” such as client events, shopping trips and out-of-town travel. In the past, having a hectic schedule made it even harder to remember things like directions to a party, gift ideas, and people to add to my holiday card list. Most of […]

The popular sticky note with an innovative feature

There isn’t an office or home that doesn’t use the ubiquitous sticky note for jotting down everything from directions to phone numbers and messages. That’s why this new product from Rediform is so valuable. It creates a carbonless copy of the sticky note so you can keep it as a reminder. It’s also conveniently wallet-sized so you […]

The Best iOrganized Blogs of 2009

Just in case you missed some of my favorite posts from 2009, I’ve gathered a few here that you should definitely read or review one more time! Making lists is always at the top! Make sure to put your “to-do” list to work! Approach the new year with a clean slate – and that means freshening up and de-cluttering […]

How your iPhone can support your 2010 resolutions

Since we live our days on the go and use our mobile device for tracking everything from our shopping list to meetings to addresses, it’s a no-brainer to have some handy applications loaded onto your iPod touch or iPhone to help you monitor your new year’s resolutions! Here are five that can keep you motivated […]

Make Your To-Do List Work

Is your to-do list in your head?  Are you able to sleep at night? Or do you find yourself  lying awake with all the unfinished information from the day floating around up there?  You need a method to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly To-Do List. Here are just a few tips to […]

Make the holidays easier with LISTS!

Did you survive the holiday madness last week?  I definitely enjoyed some time relaxing while my fabulous hubby cooked the entire turkey day meal (yes, I know… I’m spoiled).  It always amazes me each and every year the way that people flock to the shopping malls the day after to join the crowds to find […]

Get It Out of the Way

Plan to tackle that one item on your to-do list that you’ve been avoiding for way too long first.  Get it out of the way early so you can enjoy the rest of your day without thinking about the task you’re putting off.  Once you get into the routine of tackling the most cubersome task […]