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Quick Organizing Tip – Repurposed Rolodex

Now that most contact information is stored electronically, you may have a Rolodex sitting on a shelf gathering dust. But don’t write it off just yet! There are many useful and innovative ways to repurpose that “old” organizer: Store recipes and pictures of dishes – use the transparent sleeves to keep it clean from spills in […]

It only takes two minutes! Tips on how to avoid clutter.

Sometimes it only takes a few words to remind ourselves that clutter can be avoided if we just took a couple of minutes to put away an item or make a decision about letting something go to the donation bin or the trash bin. Here are a few easy tips to help you get started: […]

Upcoming Event: Clothing Swap in West Seattle

It’s that time again! Empty your closet and make room for your spring wardrobe additions by bringing all your gently worn accessories and clothing to our popular clothes swap event. There will be racks and tables to display items, and you’ll be able to “shop and swap” with other attendees. Merchandise will be sorted by type and season, so feel free to bring winter […]

Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – Freedom Filer

One of my top recommended products is Freedom Filer – a self-purging system that will have you saying farewell to file clean-up day. Whether you decide to use it for organizing your personal finances or your business, this filing tool is highly functional and versatile. The system provides color-coded tabs that keep your papers sorted […]

Multiple Ways to File Paper

Files not piles! No matter your preference, there are a multitude of ways to file your documents that can work for you. It can be as simple as using in and out boxes or hanging bins on the wall – here are some of my favorite recommendations: Traditional File Drawers: Great for when you want to […]

Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – Ornament Keeper

Here’s a simple and efficient way to keep your fragile holiday décor safe from one year to the next.  This product features adjustable dividers to hold up to 80 ornaments of various sizes and the fabric lined trays protect them from scratches or getting smashed. Remember, organized storage is key to helping make holiday “set […]

Extreme Office Makeover Winner – Wing-It Productions Unveils Space!

A few months ago, Wing-It Productions won the Extreme Office Makeover Contest sponsored by Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce members and Microsoft. The office makeover was valued at over $35,000 worth of services and products, and I was able to contribute my business organizing services to help streamline their space and files. The before and after pictures speak for themselves! […]

More Cooking – Less Clutter

The kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in the house. It’s used for a variety of things – it’s a gathering place, dining room, meeting space, homework station and a place to cook!  Because of this, the kitchen tends to become cluttered faster. Here are some easy tips to keep the kitchen organized and clean: Remove anything […]

Cleaning out your closets can be fun!

I’m pleased to announce that our recent closet clean-out event, “Clothing Swap & Cocktails”, was a swapping success!  Innovatively Organized hosted over 25 guests who brought their gently loved clothing items to exchange with others. There was a variety of garments and accessories, ranging from jackets and shoes to purses and dresses and jewelry. I […]

Less Stress on Laundry Day

Laundry adds up quickly these days with the various activities that require multiple outfit changes – work, exercise, gardening, date night, etc. so I thought I’d provide a few tips to help conquer the clothes piles. Multi-compartment hampers – if you have a lot of clothes or a lot of family members, sorting laundry as you […]