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Key Ring Organizer

    It seems like every store has a discount club or point system for shopping rewards – and it’s not easy keeping all those cards in your wallet! Using a dedicated key ring to avoid pulling out a stack of cards is a great way to keep them handy and organized. Many of these little plastic cards […]

Mary Kay Beauty for your iPhone

Waiting in line, on the bus, in between meetings – if you’re on-the-go but still want to maximize your time, the iPhone is a great mobile tool. It supports an abundant number of applications, and I recently discovered that you can view the latest Mary Kay® products online and actually flip through the Mary Kay catalog on […]

Favorite Product Alert: Butler Bag

Restoring organization to your purse! There are lots of different ways to keep things from falling to the bottom of your bag or purse. Some people use small, clear bags to hold items such as gum, tissue or make up, attach charms or tags to cell phones and keys, or use accordion files for coupons and […]

It only takes two minutes! Tips on how to avoid clutter.

Sometimes it only takes a few words to remind ourselves that clutter can be avoided if we just took a couple of minutes to put away an item or make a decision about letting something go to the donation bin or the trash bin. Here are a few easy tips to help you get started: […]

Upcoming Event: Clothing Swap in West Seattle

It’s that time again! Empty your closet and make room for your spring wardrobe additions by bringing all your gently worn accessories and clothing to our popular clothes swap event. There will be racks and tables to display items, and you’ll be able to “shop and swap” with other attendees. Merchandise will be sorted by type and season, so feel free to bring winter […]

Holiday Shopping Tip: Avoid giving gifts that create clutter

When it comes to holiday shopping, as a professional organizer, my biggest tip is to buy consumable gifts. I’m not just talking about things that are edible, although chocolate and home-baked goods are definitely on the list! I’m referring to things that don’t take up any permanent space or add clutter to a room. Here’s a […]

Closet Clean-Out Event, Sunday, November 15th – RSVP today!

Sunday, November 15th – Downtown Seattle 1pm – 4pm It’s time to clear out your closet clutter. As you assess your items, keep these questions in mind: Have you worn it in the past month? Do you love it? Does it fit? If you answered “no” to at least one of the questions, this event is […]

iPhone + IKEA = Organized Shopping

For all you iPhone and IKEA lovers, there’s a new mobile application that will make shopping even easier.  It’s called “Swede Shop” and looks something like the image above.  Type in the item name, set a price and dial in the aisle and bin.  You can also add notes, priority or image.  No more need for the mini pencil and […]

Why exactly did I buy that?

Last weekend I decided to take a few hours for myself and hit the shopping mall for a few items.  While I went to the store with a specific list of just two things that I needed to purchase, I came home with five items in my bag.  Do you ever find that you start […]

Dorm Style

I was out running errands yesterday and at all my favorite spots I noticed a theme emerging.  Each shop I visited to look for various organizational products seemed to have the same “how to organize a dorm room” promotion going.  While I don’t have a dorm room to organize (and neither do most of you), I […]