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Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – Ornament Keeper

Here’s a simple and efficient way to keep your fragile holiday décor safe from one year to the next.  This product features adjustable dividers to hold up to 80 ornaments of various sizes and the fabric lined trays protect them from scratches or getting smashed. Remember, organized storage is key to helping make holiday “set […]

How clean is your desk?

How clean is your desk?  I’m not just referring to the usual paper files and clutter on your desk – I’m talking about food crumbs, paper cups and the dreaded flu bug. Having a “clean” desk is just as important as having a well organized desk. Here are some important tips in helping you keep your […]

Organizing Basics Training Seminar – September 12th!

Have you always wanted to start your own organizing business, but you weren’t sure how? Did you wonder if you had the time and resources to do it? Learn valuable insider tips and start networking now with this informative seminar! Organizing Basics Seminar, Session I Saturday, September 12th 9 AM – 12 PM Organized Spaces, Kirkland, WA […]