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How to increase productivity in your office cubicle

Without a ceiling and a door to close, a cubicle workspace is easily invaded by noises and movement created by other people. Sometimes sitting in a cubicle seems like an open invitation for others to stop by to chat or ask questions. This can really affect your productivity in the office. An innovative and polite way to communicate to […]

Upcoming Webinar about organizing your contacts

Weighing Your CRM Options Thursday, November 4th 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM PDT Effective Customer Relations Management (CRM) helps you manage sales and client communication and tasks so you can stay focused on reaching prospects, clients, and vendors and plan for your business’s future. In this session, learn about: – Tracking/managing leads, customers, and contacts to drive sales. – […]

Tracking tasks on your iPhone

Keep better track of your to-do list on your iPhone with 2Do, a free iPhone application to help you stay organized on-the-go! Since your contact list already lives on your iPhone, this is a great tool to remember birthdays, meetings, phone calls, errands and shopping lists.

Organizing product for your scrapbook projects

Scrapbooking has become an entire industry in recent years with supplies and tools that do everything from die-cutting to stamping. There are so many pieces, big and small, and it’s important to keep things sorted and categorized. One product I really like is this stackable paper tray which protects the paper and also provides an […]

Functional and innovative shredder

Now you can sip your coffee while shredding those confidential documents and decreasing your paper clutter. This cool table was the winner of a recent competition for modern design and functional furniture. It definitely gets my vote for innovative organization! Check out the details.

Time management on your iPhone

Time Timer© is an innovative tool that helps you visualize time by giving you a graphic representation of its passing. It’s a simple but unique way to improve productivity by seeing time elapse as you work. It’s available as an application for your iPhone, and different sized desk clocks and wristwatches. Everyone from students to business professionals can use it!

Why getting sleep means better productivity

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about shutting off portable electronics like your Blackberry or iPhone before going to bed to get restful sleep. But there’s also something to be said about why sleep is so important overall. Studies show that lack of sleep affects learning as well as your cognitive skills, and this affects your daily activities, whether it’s at school, […]

It only takes two minutes! Tips on how to avoid clutter.

Sometimes it only takes a few words to remind ourselves that clutter can be avoided if we just took a couple of minutes to put away an item or make a decision about letting something go to the donation bin or the trash bin. Here are a few easy tips to help you get started: […]

The “two-minute rule” to organizing

Do you know how much time it takes to go through the mail, file papers or make a grocery list? Once you begin quantifying the amount of time it takes to manage any given task, you’ll be able to use that information to prioritize your activities.  Below is a quick exercise I regularly do with my clients: – Start […]

Guest speaker at Women to Women Luncheon this week!

The Women to Women Committee is a networking group for working and non-working women who meet once a month to discuss ideas and share experiences, both business and personal.  This month, I’ll be speaking on a variety of organizing topics at their luncheon at the Columbia Tower Club this Wednesday, January 27th.  Club members are admitted […]