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Tracking tasks on your iPhone

Keep better track of your to-do list on your iPhone with 2Do, a free iPhone application to help you stay organized on-the-go! Since your contact list already lives on your iPhone, this is a great tool to remember birthdays, meetings, phone calls, errands and shopping lists.

Mary Kay Beauty for your iPhone

Waiting in line, on the bus, in between meetings – if you’re on-the-go but still want to maximize your time, the iPhone is a great mobile tool. It supports an abundant number of applications, and I recently discovered that you can view the latest Mary Kay® products online and actually flip through the Mary Kay catalog on […]

Time management on your iPhone

Time Timer© is an innovative tool that helps you visualize time by giving you a graphic representation of its passing. It’s a simple but unique way to improve productivity by seeing time elapse as you work. It’s available as an application for your iPhone, and different sized desk clocks and wristwatches. Everyone from students to business professionals can use it!

iPhone + IKEA = Organized Shopping

For all you iPhone and IKEA lovers, there’s a new mobile application that will make shopping even easier.  It’s called “Swede Shop” and looks something like the image above.  Type in the item name, set a price and dial in the aisle and bin.  You can also add notes, priority or image.  No more need for the mini pencil and […]