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Holiday Shopping Tip: Avoid giving gifts that create clutter

When it comes to holiday shopping, as a professional organizer, my biggest tip is to buy consumable gifts. I’m not just talking about things that are edible, although chocolate and home-baked goods are definitely on the list! I’m referring to things that don’t take up any permanent space or add clutter to a room. Here’s a […]

Regifting during the holidays

Regifting is a topic I blogged about last year, and it’s still a great idea, especially since many of us are focused on being frugal and green this year. What is my definition of regifting? It’s breathing new life and purpose into something that you’ve received in the past by wrapping it and giving it […]

Organizing holiday moments

With friends, family and festivities, there will be lots of picture taking in the coming weeks. Be prepared by having your camera readily accessible and fully charged. Also, keep extra batteries or the charger in the camera bag and place it by the front door so you don’t forget it on the way to parties and holiday activities. Now is the […]