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Increase productivity with Evernote during the holidays

This time of year, especially because of the holidays, my calendar begins filling up with lots of  “to-do’s” such as client events, shopping trips and out-of-town travel. In the past, having a hectic schedule made it even harder to remember things like directions to a party, gift ideas, and people to add to my holiday card list. Most of […]

Keeping track of gifts received

When opening presents during birthday parties, wedding or baby showers, and the holidays, use small mailing labels to jot down the name of the giver and stick it on the gift so you can track who gave what. Being able to quickly identify the giver’s name will help you organize all your thank you notes!

Organizing Tips for Holiday Decorations

It’s almost Halloween which means Thanksgiving and all the other holidays this winter are closely following! Here are a few tips to keep your decorations organized as you begin adding holiday touches in the next couple of months. Color-code – It’s easy to identify which decorations are where if you have everything for one holiday or season […]

Tip of the Week: Holiday Shopping List

Get ahead of the crowds! Create a holiday shopping list early this year.  Start purchasing items now for each person on your list as you are out and about during the last few weeks in November.  Then you should be able to easily avoid the crowds at the stores in December when the lines begin to get […]