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Planning and Organizing the Ultimate Garage Space

If you’ve always dreamed of having the ultimate garage to store everything from tools and sports equipment to seasonal items and gardening accessories and still have room for your car, then check out Garage Gladiator. This complete garage organization system has been designed for “the unique environment and demands of the garage.” Garage Gladiator lets you customize your garage with a variety […]

A better way to label those bins

Using plastic bins, baskets or boxes is a great way to corral loose items or store seasonal decor.  Anything that needs to be put away in a closet, under the bed or in the garage should be kept in a sturdy and well-labeled container so you don’t end up going through boxes and boxes when searching for something specific.  These […]

Get Motivated and Get Organized

Oftentimes, getting motivated to organize your home or office is a bigger challenge than the actual physical task of organizing.  It can take time!  Here are a few tips to get you started: Ditch the “all or nothing” mindset. Staring at a cluttered garage makes many think of hours of work ahead because they think cleaning up the whole […]

New product alert: Ball Claw

This is an interesting new product that really caught my eye.  I haven’t “officially” tried it out yet, but it’s a way to store and organize athletic equipment that really uses my favorite accessory – the walls!  The ball claw is perfect for the garage, mud room, basement, a pre-school or even your child’s bedroom.  And […]