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Quick Organizing Tip – Repurposed Rolodex

Now that most contact information is stored electronically, you may have a Rolodex sitting on a shelf gathering dust. But don’t write it off just yet! There are many useful and innovative ways to repurpose that “old” organizer: Store recipes and pictures of dishes – use the transparent sleeves to keep it clean from spills in […]

Organize your small accessories

With so many electronic gadgets to carry around, it can be challenging to keep all the small accessories that come with our music players, cell phone, camera and computer in a neat and organized system when we travel. There are cords, chargers, headsets and more that can get tangled or fall to the bottom of your bag. […]

iPhone + IKEA = Organized Shopping

For all you iPhone and IKEA lovers, there’s a new mobile application that will make shopping even easier.  It’s called “Swede Shop” and looks something like the image above.  Type in the item name, set a price and dial in the aisle and bin.  You can also add notes, priority or image.  No more need for the mini pencil and […]