Key Ring Organizer


Image from Martha Stewart Living.


It seems like every store has a discount club or point system for shopping rewards – and it’s not easy keeping all those cards in your wallet! Using a dedicated key ring to avoid pulling out a stack of cards is a great way to keep them handy and organized. Many of these little plastic cards already come with a small hole or you can just use a standard hole-punch.


Planning and Organizing the Ultimate Garage Space

If you’ve always dreamed of having the ultimate garage to store everything from tools and sports equipment to seasonal items and gardening accessories and still have room for your car, then check out Garage Gladiator. This complete garage organization system has been designed for “the unique environment and demands of the garage.”

Garage Gladiator lets you customize your garage with a variety of organizational and functional components made from top quality materials, including heavy gauge steel, solid hard maple wood, ball bearing slides, and powder coat paint finishing.  You can even create workspaces so you can turn the garage into a hobby space, play area, and DIY work space!

Keeping the garage organized benefits the whole family and even increases the living and work spaces in your home.

Organizing for a good cause

Last month, I was fortunate to be part of a group of 12 organizers from the Seattle chapter of NAPO who volunteered organizing services for the Puget Sound Area USO at their SeaTac Center. This Center provides the “comforts of home” and traveling assistance for military members and their families with a full nursery, children’s games, books, and toys; sleeping facilities, showers, free snack bar, comprehensive travel information and assistance, and a lounge area and library.

It was a way for all of us to give back and show support for our troops. The work of the USO Puget Sound relies on volunteer efforts to fill a 24-hour, Monday through Sunday schedule. For two days, we focused on organizing their storage rooms, laundry room, and business offices. It was extremely rewarding to give back to this organization, and it was especially memorable because the event occurred in time for Patriot Day, which honors those who were lost on 9/11.

Video: See how one office celebrates being paperless

ScanSnap is one of my favorite products to reduce paper clutter. See how this office uses ScanSnap to maximize fun and minimize paper.

Tacoma.FM online radio interviews Innovatively Organized

Here 4 You with Candace & Winona streams “live” every Sunday at 8:30 am. Their show focuses on practical advice for managing daily stress and personal health. Innovatively Organized’s professional organizer Alisa Hanft was interviewed on August 22 about various ways in which good organization is connected to well-being and helps lower stress.

You can listen to the entire  interview in MP3 format by clicking here, or can go to the Here 4 You with Candace & Winona page to listen to all past interviews, including Alisa’s.

Secure shredding resource in Seattle

One or two pieces of personal information is all it takes for identity theft to take place. Now more than ever, it’s important to effectively manage the disposal of confidential letters, financial papers, receipts, and electronic media – both at home and at the office. A local service that I recommend is Datasite. They offer residential and business shredding options and you can schedule a pick-up or drop it off at a Datasite facility.

Also, check out my recent post about what to look for when buying a shredder.

Organized Food On-the-Go

One of my favorite ways to store and tote my snacks and lunches is by using Fit & Fresh containers. Removable ice packs keep food chilled and the containers are sized and labeled so you know exactly how much you’re packing which is especially helpful for portion control. Fit & Fresh keeps your food items separate, but the separate pieces also fit together so it’s convenient to toss into your briefcase or purse. And it’s an environmentally friendly way to pack meals for work, school, gym, or even outdoor activities like hiking or a picnic. It’s definitely an innovatively organized product!

Gmail offers clutter control for email inbox

Internet users send an estimated 60 billion emails every day around the world.

With so many messages coming and going, how do you prioritize your inbox and choose which ones really deserve your attention? Gmail product director Keith Coleman very clearly says, “It used to be people wanted to separate spam from not-spam, but now, the not-spam is of varying degrees of importance.”

For Gmail users, there is a new tool for managing your email – Priority Inbox helps you get through it faster by putting the most important mail at the top of your inbox. These messages will be determined by factors such as identity of the sender, key phrases in the message and whether the mail was sent to an individual or a large group.

Organizing your children’s art

Oftentimes, back-to-school means that the refrigerator door and bulletin boards at home will soon be covered in artwork and class projects. But these are just temporary galleries – pieces should be stored to make room for new ones. Schoolfolio is the storage solution that organizes and protects art, schoolwork, report cards, class photos, and other keepsakes from pre-school to 12th grade. Contain clutter and encourage good organizing habits for the whole family!

The connection between clutter and guilt

Have you ever received a gift that you don’t need or want? Maybe it’s something you already have or just don’t like – regardless of the item, you may feel bad or disrespectful by getting rid of it.

When you accept a present, it’s about thanking the giver for the gesture. It doesn’t mean you have to keep the item forever. Sometimes, the gift simply creates clutter because you feel obliged to store it or display it. When this happens, ask yourself, “Have I appreciated the meaning behind the gift?” You don’t have to feel guilty if you are able to feel good about the reason for the gift.

You can still honor the positive memories attached to the gift and donate or give away the item to someone who really needs or wants it.