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How to increase productivity in your office cubicle

Without a ceiling and a door to close, a cubicle workspace is easily invaded by noises and movement created by other people. Sometimes sitting in a cubicle seems like an open invitation for others to stop by to chat or ask questions. This can really affect your productivity in the office. An innovative and polite way to communicate to […]

Tracking tasks on your iPhone

Keep better track of your to-do list on your iPhone with 2Do, a free iPhone application to help you stay organized on-the-go! Since your contact list already lives on your iPhone, this is a great tool to remember birthdays, meetings, phone calls, errands and shopping lists.

Quick Organizing Tip – Repurposed Rolodex

Now that most contact information is stored electronically, you may have a Rolodex sitting on a shelf gathering dust. But don’t write it off just yet! There are many useful and innovative ways to repurpose that “old” organizer: Store recipes and pictures of dishes – use the transparent sleeves to keep it clean from spills in […]

Why Organizing is Better with Binders

It’s no wonder the 3-ring binder is a required school supply – it’s a versatile organizing tool. Invest in a sturdy binder that you can use over and over, and if you’re storing receipts or time-sensitive items, remember to clean it out at the end of the year and archive important documents. Binders can serve a lot of different […]

1,000 suitcases and how to identify yours

Whether traveling alone or with your family this winter, you will probably end up waiting and standing with a crowd of people around the baggage carousel at the airport. Trying to find your bag amongst a sea of mostly black bags can be frustrating. It can also cause undue anxiety as you see other people picking up bags […]

Organizing holiday moments

With friends, family and festivities, there will be lots of picture taking in the coming weeks. Be prepared by having your camera readily accessible and fully charged. Also, keep extra batteries or the charger in the camera bag and place it by the front door so you don’t forget it on the way to parties and holiday activities. Now is the […]

Career Search Seminar – August 11th!

  “How to Network Effectively and Organize Your Job Search Efforts” Career Search Seminar Tuesday, August 11th 9 AM – 12 PM The Norton Building, 801 Second Ave, Seattle This will be a 3 hour, 3 topic job search seminar about networking and organizing your job search. Register now or call 206-399-8712  Sponsored by Woodland Recruiting, […]

Organizing Tips for the Bathroom

A beautiful Seattle summer is in full swing and that means you’ve probably had some out-of-town guests in and out of your home by now. I wanted to pass along a few organizing tips for the bathroom since that is probably one of the most important spaces that your guests will see and use. If […]

Recycle More – Waste Less

Living in a high-rise downtown definitely cuts down on the size of my carbon footprint. I use less electricity and water and use more public transportation, but I can still do more to reduce waste and save natural resources. Recycling is an easy way to help the environment and it also has an added benefit […]

Clothing Swap/Closet Clean-out Event – June 13th!

Closet Clean-Out Event Downtown Seattle Saturday, June 13th 2 PM – 4 PM Make room for your summer clothes by clearing out the old! Empty your closet by bringing any and all items you are ready to part with to this event.  We will have racks and areas for you to display your items. Then […]