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An organized way to cook and carry holiday dishes

‘Tis the season of holiday lunches and potlucks! Many of you will be hosting or attending group events with lots of goodies brought from home. This simple cook and carry 3-qt bakeware by Pyrex® set will make it simple to make and transport your holiday dishes. Also, it’s one or two less dishes to use […]

Organized Food On-the-Go

One of my favorite ways to store and tote my snacks and lunches is by using Fit & Fresh containers. Removable ice packs keep food chilled and the containers are sized and labeled so you know exactly how much you’re packing which is especially helpful for portion control. Fit & Fresh keeps your food items separate, but […]

Tracking tasks on your iPhone

Keep better track of your to-do list on your iPhone with 2Do, a free iPhone application to help you stay organized on-the-go! Since your contact list already lives on your iPhone, this is a great tool to remember birthdays, meetings, phone calls, errands and shopping lists.

Stay organized when traveling by car

For many people taking vacations this year, it means traveling by highway instead of by air. Make sure to keep the inside of your car neat and organized so you can arrive at your destination with only fun and relaxation in mind. I recently read an article from Martha Stewart offering some really great organizing tips for the […]

Favorite Product Alert: Butler Bag

Restoring organization to your purse! There are lots of different ways to keep things from falling to the bottom of your bag or purse. Some people use small, clear bags to hold items such as gum, tissue or make up, attach charms or tags to cell phones and keys, or use accordion files for coupons and […]

Organize your small accessories

With so many electronic gadgets to carry around, it can be challenging to keep all the small accessories that come with our music players, cell phone, camera and computer in a neat and organized system when we travel. There are cords, chargers, headsets and more that can get tangled or fall to the bottom of your bag. […]

Reduce paper clutter with Earth Class Mail

Sometimes checking your mailbox every day is not an option – maybe you’re on the road, on vacation or just plain busy with work and family. Sorting through postal mail can be a huge burden on your productivity, not to mention that the physical mail we receive is mostly unwanted, unsolicited and unwieldy. Earth Class Mail is an […]

1,000 suitcases and how to identify yours

Whether traveling alone or with your family this winter, you will probably end up waiting and standing with a crowd of people around the baggage carousel at the airport. Trying to find your bag amongst a sea of mostly black bags can be frustrating. It can also cause undue anxiety as you see other people picking up bags […]

Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit

With all the restrictions these days on how many items you can carry on the plane and how much you can pack in your bag, this eBags® toiletry kit will help save precious space in your luggage. The main feature is its slim fit – only 2 1/4″ thick so you can easily throw it on […]