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Gmail offers clutter control for email inbox

Internet users send an estimated 60 billion emails every day around the world. With so many messages coming and going, how do you prioritize your inbox and choose which ones really deserve your attention? Gmail product director Keith Coleman very clearly says, “It used to be people wanted to separate spam from not-spam, but now, […]

Interesting new book about hoarding

This is an insightful new book written by two college professors who have studied hoarding for 20 years. They share stories about real people and try to explain the reasons behind this behavior. You can read an excerpt from the book here.

An Organized Home is a Healthy Home

A clean and organized home doesn’t just boost productivity and save time, it actually makes you feel better and decreases stress. In a recent announcement from HealthNet, a managed health care company out of California, they stress the importance of harmony between an organized and uncluttered home and your mental and physical health. See the article below: […]

An Eco-friendly Way to Cut Clutter

I just came across another useful tool to reduce your paper clutter and help you PRINT LESS!  You’ll also lower spending on ink toner and help save a lot of trees.  GreenPrint is a simple-to-use software that eliminates unwanted pages and reduces printing by 17 percent or more.  The application lets you preview documents and has […]

Wasting Time Getting Caffeine

Ask yourself the following questions to find out if you may be wasting time getting your daily fix of caffeine each morning: Are you one of the 52% of Americans over the age of eighteen that drink coffee every morning?  Are you drinking coffee each morning because you “need” it to increase your productivity?  Do you spend […]

Clear Off Your Desktop… Keep Your Job!

With Americans working an average of 1,797 hours each year, it’s no wonder our desks have become our home away from home.  The most interesting items seem to accumulate on desktops in our offices.  Some common sights include framed photos of the family dog, enough Starbucks mugs to open an in-office coffee shop, and all […]