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Why getting sleep means better productivity

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about shutting off portable electronics like your Blackberry or iPhone before going to bed to get restful sleep. But there’s also something to be said about why sleep is so important overall. Studies show that lack of sleep affects learning as well as your cognitive skills, and this affects your daily activities, whether it’s at school, […]

Turn off electronic gadgets before you turn in

Checking your cell phone and reading emails in bed are activities that have become synonymous with our society’s online obsession. However, although many of my favorite organizing tools come in the form of electronic devices or web-based applications, it may be a good idea to put away the computer or iPhone before you get into bed. According […]

Useful organizing tips for Evernote – Part 2

Here are more tips for Evernote – my favorite online system for filing and sharing! Take photos of the wiring setup for your computer and television/dvd/stereo center so that if you move anything, you can put things back where they go. Scan and save warranty information for major appliances and electronics. Scan and save documents as PDFs and shred the un-needed […]

Quick Organizing Tip – Repurposed Rolodex

Now that most contact information is stored electronically, you may have a Rolodex sitting on a shelf gathering dust. But don’t write it off just yet! There are many useful and innovative ways to repurpose that “old” organizer: Store recipes and pictures of dishes – use the transparent sleeves to keep it clean from spills in […]

Wake to an organized morning

It seems like we’re busy all the time, even just as we’re getting out of bed! Here are a few quick tips to streamline your morning to add in a bit of breathing room before jump-starting the day. The automatic coffee maker – This is something I’ve talked about before. It saves you time and waking to the smell of […]

It only takes two minutes! Tips on how to avoid clutter.

Sometimes it only takes a few words to remind ourselves that clutter can be avoided if we just took a couple of minutes to put away an item or make a decision about letting something go to the donation bin or the trash bin. Here are a few easy tips to help you get started: […]

A unique way to organize with binder clips

When I saw this tip, I knew I had to share it right away. Sometimes the smallest object can make a huge organizing difference. And talk about innovative!

The “two-minute rule” to organizing

Do you know how much time it takes to go through the mail, file papers or make a grocery list? Once you begin quantifying the amount of time it takes to manage any given task, you’ll be able to use that information to prioritize your activities.  Below is a quick exercise I regularly do with my clients: – Start […]

Useful organizing tips for Evernote

A couple of months ago, I blogged about Evernote, and now I have some even more useful tips on taking advantage of this digital filing system: Save your printer’s ink cartridge numbers, so you always know which one to pick up or stock up on when you find a great sale. Keep track of your loved one(s) clothing […]

Buying a shredder – What to look for

With so much technology, it’s ironic how much paper we still receive in the mail and have piled up on our desks. It’s important to shred anything with sensitive information like financial statements or credit card applications. A lot of clients ask me what to look for when they go out to buy a shredder. Here’s […]