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Increase productivity with Evernote during the holidays

This time of year, especially because of the holidays, my calendar begins filling up with lots of  “to-do’s” such as client events, shopping trips and out-of-town travel. In the past, having a hectic schedule made it even harder to remember things like directions to a party, gift ideas, and people to add to my holiday card list. Most of […]

An organized way to cook and carry holiday dishes

‘Tis the season of holiday lunches and potlucks! Many of you will be hosting or attending group events with lots of goodies brought from home. This simple cook and carry 3-qt bakeware by Pyrex® set will make it simple to make and transport your holiday dishes. Also, it’s one or two less dishes to use […]

Keeping track of gifts received

When opening presents during birthday parties, wedding or baby showers, and the holidays, use small mailing labels to jot down the name of the giver and stick it on the gift so you can track who gave what. Being able to quickly identify the giver’s name will help you organize all your thank you notes!

Be My Organized Valentine

According to the National Retail Federation, the average person will spend over $100 on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Instead of exchanging items that come in a box, here are some ideas for presents that don’t take up a lot of space or create clutter (some are even eco-friendly!): Instead of the cute teddy bear, get […]

The one-size-fits-all Organizing Gift Certificate

For friends, family or even coworkers, the Innovatively Organized Gift Certificate is an ideal gift for anyone who needs some special organizing attention.  It’s also a great way to show support for those New Year’s resolutions for being more productive and less stressed in 2010! Order an organizing Gift Certificate now! Or email us at […]

Time-saving Gifts for Busy Professionals

I was recently quoted by Yahoo! in an article about how to help busy professionals save time and what kinds of gifts they may want for the holidays. Click here to read the full article, “6 Time-Saver Gifts for Busy Professionals”. With time being such a precious commodity, my clients are always asking me how they can […]

Holiday Shopping Tip: Avoid giving gifts that create clutter

When it comes to holiday shopping, as a professional organizer, my biggest tip is to buy consumable gifts. I’m not just talking about things that are edible, although chocolate and home-baked goods are definitely on the list! I’m referring to things that don’t take up any permanent space or add clutter to a room. Here’s a […]

Regifting during the holidays

Regifting is a topic I blogged about last year, and it’s still a great idea, especially since many of us are focused on being frugal and green this year. What is my definition of regifting? It’s breathing new life and purpose into something that you’ve received in the past by wrapping it and giving it […]

Special Offer: Organizing for the Holidays

Book a 3 hour organizing session – receive a 4th hour free! Cross one more thing off your growing to-do list this holiday season.  Let us help make your holidays less stressful and more organized!  Whether you need a little extra help at HOME creating your shopping list, mailing holiday cards, preparing your spare room […]

Organizing holiday moments

With friends, family and festivities, there will be lots of picture taking in the coming weeks. Be prepared by having your camera readily accessible and fully charged. Also, keep extra batteries or the charger in the camera bag and place it by the front door so you don’t forget it on the way to parties and holiday activities. Now is the […]