Increase productivity with Evernote during the holidays

This time of year, especially because of the holidays, my calendar begins filling up with lots of  “to-do’s” such as client events, shopping trips and out-of-town travel. In the past, having a hectic schedule made it even harder to remember things like directions to a party, gift ideas, and people to add to my holiday card list. Most of the time, I was jotting things down on a sticky note, the back of a business card or scrap of paper.

Using Evernote helped me easily transition from paper to technology for tracking all my notes. It syncs up with my laptop, iPhone, or any computer I use to access the internet. Evernote makes it simple for me to search through all my notes and actually find the information I need in a snap. No more culling through paper and wasting time – my productivity has definitely increased. All my notes, including holiday shopping lists, are streamlined on Evernote!

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