Purging the Pantry for an Organized Kitchen

Just like the refrigerator, the pantry needs to be evaluated and inventoried at least once a year. Start by emptying the shelves so you can see what you have and sort items into these categories:

  • Items used every day
  • Items used less frequently
  • Unopened items or items you no longer want (donate to charity)
  • Expired items to trash

Then take several minutes to wipe down shelves, sweep and vacuum. As you start to restock, place items such as baking supplies, breakfast items, and lunch items together. Heavier items like juice bottles, soda cans, or bulk items in boxes can go on bottom shelves. Consider using standard containers to store cereal and pasta. Glass or plastic cannisters allow you to see what you have and when you’re running low. If you have room, place a small folding step stool in the pantry to reach high shelves.

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