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The Best iOrganized Blogs of 2009

Just in case you missed some of my favorite posts from 2009, I’ve gathered a few here that you should definitely read or review one more time! Making lists is always at the top! Make sure to put your “to-do” list to work! Approach the new year with a clean slate – and that means freshening up and de-cluttering […]

How your iPhone can support your 2010 resolutions

Since we live our days on the go and use our mobile device for tracking everything from our shopping list to meetings to addresses, it’s a no-brainer to have some handy applications loaded onto your iPod touch or iPhone to help you monitor your new year’s resolutions! Here are five that can keep you motivated […]

The perks of paper planners

When it comes to paper, you usually hear about how to get rid of the clutter it creates, but there’s still one major paper product that can keep you organized. If you’re partial to paper planners and its perks – no need to log in or wait for the computer, no batteries or wires, and […]

End of the year organizing tip: Protect your electronic files

December is obviously a good time to think about being more organized in the coming year, and this includes making sure your irreplaceable electronic files such as digital photos, legal documents, and business reports are secure, easily accessible, and BACKED UP! One of my favorite tools is Carbonite – an online application that works seamlessly with your computer’s […]

The one-size-fits-all Organizing Gift Certificate

For friends, family or even coworkers, the Innovatively Organized Gift Certificate is an ideal gift for anyone who needs some special organizing attention.  It’s also a great way to show support for those New Year’s resolutions for being more productive and less stressed in 2010! Order an organizing Gift Certificate now! Or email us at […]

To Be or To Do?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how to just “be” when you’re so busy with everything you have to “do” and vice-versa.  I hope this illustration gives you pause during this hectic holiday season to remember that keeping balance is the key to keeping things in harmony! (Thank you to Stephanie T. for sharing this with me.  […]

1,000 suitcases and how to identify yours

Whether traveling alone or with your family this winter, you will probably end up waiting and standing with a crowd of people around the baggage carousel at the airport. Trying to find your bag amongst a sea of mostly black bags can be frustrating. It can also cause undue anxiety as you see other people picking up bags […]

Time-saving Gifts for Busy Professionals

I was recently quoted by Yahoo! in an article about how to help busy professionals save time and what kinds of gifts they may want for the holidays. Click here to read the full article, “6 Time-Saver Gifts for Busy Professionals”. With time being such a precious commodity, my clients are always asking me how they can […]

Holiday Shopping Tip: Avoid giving gifts that create clutter

When it comes to holiday shopping, as a professional organizer, my biggest tip is to buy consumable gifts. I’m not just talking about things that are edible, although chocolate and home-baked goods are definitely on the list! I’m referring to things that don’t take up any permanent space or add clutter to a room. Here’s a […]

Regifting during the holidays

Regifting is a topic I blogged about last year, and it’s still a great idea, especially since many of us are focused on being frugal and green this year. What is my definition of regifting? It’s breathing new life and purpose into something that you’ve received in the past by wrapping it and giving it […]