Monthly Archives: November 2009

Special Offer: Organizing for the Holidays

Book a 3 hour organizing session – receive a 4th hour free! Cross one more thing off your growing to-do list this holiday season.  Let us help make your holidays less stressful and more organized!  Whether you need a little extra help at HOME creating your shopping list, mailing holiday cards, preparing your spare room […]

Organizing holiday moments

With friends, family and festivities, there will be lots of picture taking in the coming weeks. Be prepared by having your camera readily accessible and fully charged. Also, keep extra batteries or the charger in the camera bag and place it by the front door so you don’t forget it on the way to parties and holiday activities. Now is the […]

Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – Ornament Keeper

Here’s a simple and efficient way to keep your fragile holiday décor safe from one year to the next.  This product features adjustable dividers to hold up to 80 ornaments of various sizes and the fabric lined trays protect them from scratches or getting smashed. Remember, organized storage is key to helping make holiday “set […]

To File, To Ponder, To Do

Normally, I take organizing very seriously.  Afterall, it’s my passion!  However, these playful folders definitely caught my attention.  As long as you’re filing and not piling, it’s ok to have a little fun while organizing.  Click here to get the folders.

Cleaning up cord clutter

As our attachment and reliance on electronic gadgets grows, so do the cords that come with them! How do you keep them all organized? Use cable ties, such as the ones pictured above, and assign colors to different types of cables. Another neat organizer for your headphone cords is this very simple cable wrap. Label, label, label! […]

Closet Clean-Out Event, Sunday, November 15th – RSVP today!

Sunday, November 15th – Downtown Seattle 1pm – 4pm It’s time to clear out your closet clutter. As you assess your items, keep these questions in mind: Have you worn it in the past month? Do you love it? Does it fit? If you answered “no” to at least one of the questions, this event is […]

4 Purging Tips You Can Use

There’s a saying, “The more things you own, the more they own you.”  This is so true!  Don’t be a prisoner to things.  Learn to let go and achieve more freedom and space.  Here are a few things to remember: If you’re not using it, you don’t know what to do with it, or if […]