Monthly Archives: September 2009

Simple online bibliography tool for students

There is an abundance of technology gadgets, software, computers and websites for students today, but how do you know which ones are actually useful and effective?  I’ve recently discovered one that I wish I had when I was in high school and college. It’s called EasyBib and it’s an online application which allows you to create bibliographies by simply […]

New product alert: Ball Claw

This is an interesting new product that really caught my eye.  I haven’t “officially” tried it out yet, but it’s a way to store and organize athletic equipment that really uses my favorite accessory – the walls!  The ball claw is perfect for the garage, mud room, basement, a pre-school or even your child’s bedroom.  And […]

Successful small business conference

Last week, I attended the Smart & Simple Strategies for Small Business conference hosted by the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce at the Microsoft campus, and it was a great success!  There were many industry experts who presented on a variety of topics affecting small businesses, including: IT solutions, finance, economic stimulus packages, data security, and social media […]

Are sticky notes taking over your computer?

Sticky notes are one of my favorite things to use while organizing.  However, they can cause clutter if they aren’t used in a streamlined way.  Sticky notes should be used as a tool, but they shouldn’t replace things such as your electronic calendar or notebook.  If your computer monitor is starting to look like the […]

Moving can be easy and eco-friendly!

Moving is something many people dread.  The packing, the unpacking, and all the boxes can be overwhelming quickly! To avoid a frustrating moving experience, here are a few tips to make it a little easier, on both you and the environment: Purge before you pack – have 3 bins labeled as Trash, Donate, and Sell.  Make sure […]

Filer vs. Piler

This cartoon made me smile. Hey, organizers have a sense of humor, too!

How clean is your desk?

How clean is your desk?  I’m not just referring to the usual paper files and clutter on your desk – I’m talking about food crumbs, paper cups and the dreaded flu bug. Having a “clean” desk is just as important as having a well organized desk. Here are some important tips in helping you keep your […]