Monthly Archives: August 2009

iPhone + IKEA = Organized Shopping

For all you iPhone and IKEA lovers, there’s a new mobile application that will make shopping even easier.  It’s called “Swede Shop” and looks something like the image above.  Type in the item name, set a price and dial in the aisle and bin.  You can also add notes, priority or image.  No more need for the mini pencil and […]

Organizing Basics Training Seminar – September 12th!

Have you always wanted to start your own organizing business, but you weren’t sure how? Did you wonder if you had the time and resources to do it? Learn valuable insider tips and start networking now with this informative seminar! Organizing Basics Seminar, Session I Saturday, September 12th 9 AM – 12 PM Organized Spaces, Kirkland, WA […]

From Trash to Treasure: Planning a Garage Sale

So, now that you’ve organized your garage, what do you do with all the odds and ends that were uncovered? Hold a garage sale! Go through the entire house and add to the miscellaneous inventory of things you found in the garage and have a proper de-cluttering day. And make a few extra dollars, too. Here are […]

Organizing Tips for the Garage

Instead of just a secure spot for your car, the garage often becomes a catch-all for lawn tools, sporting equipment and miscellaneous household items. It’s easy to shut the door and forget about these things once you’re inside the house, especially because these items are usually not used in your daily activities. However, the garage is roomier than […]

More Cooking – Less Clutter

The kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in the house. It’s used for a variety of things – it’s a gathering place, dining room, meeting space, homework station and a place to cook!  Because of this, the kitchen tends to become cluttered faster. Here are some easy tips to keep the kitchen organized and clean: Remove anything […]

Helpful Links for Recycling Electronics

Recycling paper, glass and aluminum has become part of our daily routines now – but what about those old electronics? Every time we get a new cell phone, mp3 player or laptop, what happens to the used ones?  Like many people, you probably have a pile of unwanted computers and gadgets gathering dust in a closet […]

Career Search Seminar – August 11th!

  “How to Network Effectively and Organize Your Job Search Efforts” Career Search Seminar Tuesday, August 11th 9 AM – 12 PM The Norton Building, 801 Second Ave, Seattle This will be a 3 hour, 3 topic job search seminar about networking and organizing your job search. Register now or call 206-399-8712  Sponsored by Woodland Recruiting, […]

“Nielsen Deletes Reply-To-All Button”

How much time do you spend reading, responding to and deleting unwanted or unnecessary emails?  Do you get stuck on an email thread about topics that don’t require your attention?  What about the emails from friends or coworkers that CC: you and everyone else in your address book? Well, here’s an interesting (and humorous) article about how […]