Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit

pack it flat

With all the restrictions these days on how many items you can carry on the plane and how much you can pack in your bag, this eBags® toiletry kit will help save precious space in your luggage. The main feature is its slim fit – only 2 1/4″ thick so you can easily throw it on top of your folded clothes or slip it into the side of your suitcase.

The best part of this bag is that you can take full size products with you instead of a bunch of little bottles. It’s big enough to hold multiple items and the shallow pockets are designed to keep things in place without losing things that fall to the bottom. (Just remember that if you take more than 3oz of liquid or gel that you should put this in your checked luggage and not your carry-on.  Be sure to double check the TSA restrictions too.) If you decide that you’d like to take smaller quantities of your shampoo and conditioner, the kit also comes with a set of travel-sized bottles.

When not using it for travel, put this product to use every day if you have an especially tight bathroom with limited countertop space. Hang it on the back of the door, and keep items within easy grasp without digging around to find that tiny bottle of lotion or floss. Click here for more details.


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