Monthly Archives: June 2009

Cleaning out your closets can be fun!

I’m pleased to announce that our recent closet clean-out event, “Clothing Swap & Cocktails”, was a swapping success!  Innovatively Organized hosted over 25 guests who brought their gently loved clothing items to exchange with others. There was a variety of garments and accessories, ranging from jackets and shoes to purses and dresses and jewelry. I […]

Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – Bungalow File Holder

One of the biggest challenges that all my clients face is trying to stay organized while constantly on-the-go. Electronic gadgets are great for keeping phone numbers, dates and PDFs, but what about all of the necessary paper documents that you still use and refer to every day? Contracts, invoices, school forms, pictures, receipts and all other important paper back-up can […]

Recycle More – Waste Less

Living in a high-rise downtown definitely cuts down on the size of my carbon footprint. I use less electricity and water and use more public transportation, but I can still do more to reduce waste and save natural resources. Recycling is an easy way to help the environment and it also has an added benefit […]

Elizabeth’s Favorite Things – NeatDesk

Is your wallet bulging with receipts? Do you have a stack of business cards waiting to be filed? Are there papers and invoices taking up valuable desk space? If so, one of my favorite products is called, NeatDesk™. It’s a high speed desktop scanner and digital filing system that boasts “intelligent text recognition.” What does that mean? Neatdesk […]

Clothing Swap/Closet Clean-out Event – June 13th!

Closet Clean-Out Event Downtown Seattle Saturday, June 13th 2 PM – 4 PM Make room for your summer clothes by clearing out the old! Empty your closet by bringing any and all items you are ready to part with to this event.  We will have racks and areas for you to display your items. Then […]

Organizing Your Paper 101 is Next Week!

Many of my clients come to me with similar problems. They have piles of paper covering the surfaces in their homes and offices, their desk is buried and it’s trouble if they have to locate a specific document quickly and when they need it. If this all sounds familiar, then my upcoming workshop is one that you can’t afford miss! 5:30 PM to […]