Cleaning Up from the Holidays

It’s about time to start putting away your holiday decorations and begin cleaning up your space to make room for the new year.  But before you pack up all of those decorative items that you so carefully arranged just a month ago, pause for a moment to take a quick photo to preserve the image for next year.  Be sure to take photos of each room or decorated area to jog your memory next holiday season.  Whether you print the photos or save them on your hard drive, be sure to label them appropriately and store them in a place that you’ll be able to find them a year from now.

Once you’ve done this, you can start breaking down your masterpiece and store the decorations.  As you are cleaning up, consider whether you should get rid of holiday decorations that you didn’t use this year.  Don’t take up valuable space in your home by storing unused items for another year.  As always, be sure to label each container of items you decide to keep.  You’ll be all set to decorate easily next time!


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