Monthly Archives: October 2008

Make An Appointment To Relax

One of my favorite time management tips (yes, I have alot of favorites) is to schedule time with yourself for something fun and relaxing.  I truly believe that unless you make an appointment with yourself on your calendar for “relaxation time” that you will continue to run, run, run from event to event making time for […]

Organize your Inbox with Xobni

Is your email program overloaded?  Is your inbox full?  Do you currently use Outlook as your email program of choice?  If so, I want to tell you about a great new product I’ve been testing over the past few months to streamline my email process.  It is called “Xobni” (or ‘Inbox’ spelled backwards) and is […]

First step in organizing any space

One of the most common questions I get from my clients when it comes to organizing their space is… “Where do I start?” Here is my favorite tip to answer that question: Jump start your organizing efforts by SORTING your items into categories of like items.  Don’t worry about purging right from the start, just […]

Tip of the Week: Relocation Announcements

Create relocation announcements before you move so that once you get to the new address you can put them right into the mail to let everyone know of your new location.  This will ensure that friends, family, or clients can find you easily at your new address.  You will also have one less thing to […]

Why exactly did I buy that?

Last weekend I decided to take a few hours for myself and hit the shopping mall for a few items.  While I went to the store with a specific list of just two things that I needed to purchase, I came home with five items in my bag.  Do you ever find that you start […]

Paper… What to keep? What to toss?

Do you often get stuck when deciding what to do with this paper or that paper?  Are you tired of just tossing the paper to the side onto the top of that ever-growing pile?  Are you baffled with where to put each piece of paper when you’re done with it?  Should you keep it or […]