Monthly Archives: September 2008

Tip of the Week: Clutter Collectors

If you are prone to drop, lay down, or toss items into the same location day in and day out, then you should probably just set up a system to work within your own tendencies by placing a “clutter collector” in this location.  Clutter collectors can be things such as: bowls for key or coins, […]

The Over-The-Door Hook That Saved My Sanity

We’ve all heard the expression that opposites attract.  This statement is the overarching theme of my marriage to my great, but completely opposite husband.  I grew up as a “Crest kid”, my husband is a loyal Colgate user; I grew up drinking Pepsi, my husband, Coke; I grew up in a house full of girls […]

Green Organizing Tips

“Getting organized is more than just purchasing great containers to hold all your stuff.It’s about using what you have, donating what you don’t need, and recycling whenever you can.”  – Southern Home Organizers Here are some useful green organizing tips you can start implementing today: Utilize recycled products when available Reuse items around the house […]

Avoid “Miscellaneous”

As you create files and folders to sort and store your paper, please stay away from the category of “Miscellaneous”.  Why, you ask? Each time you create a file labeled “Miscellaneous” or “Other” or even “Random Stuff” that is exactly what that file is going to become.  Instead of letting one file become a catch-all for […]

Keep Kitchen Items Together

To efficiently store items in your kitchen, keep items you use together near each other.  Determine the use of each item within your kitchen and when you use it.  Organize your cabinets and drawers so that cooking, storage, and baking items are kept in dedicated areas together.  To help you accomplish this, you may want […]

Tip of the Week: Use Automatic Bill Pay

If you are scrambling to pay your bills each month or tend to pay bills late you should consider setting up automatic bill pay through your bank or financial institution.  This will do a lot of the work for you and will cut down on the amount of time you spend paying bills.  Just be sure […]

Wasting Time Getting Caffeine

Ask yourself the following questions to find out if you may be wasting time getting your daily fix of caffeine each morning: Are you one of the 52% of Americans over the age of eighteen that drink coffee every morning?  Are you drinking coffee each morning because you “need” it to increase your productivity?  Do you spend […]

Save Money: Borrow Instead of Buy

I recently came across an interesting online service.  Have you ever been in need of a tool or craft item that you only need for just a short time to help you finish off that one specific project and you really don’t want to spend the money buying one?  Are you filling up your storage […]