Clear Off Your Desktop… Keep Your Job!

With Americans working an average of 1,797 hours each year, it’s no wonder our desks have become our home away from home. 

The most interesting items seem to accumulate on desktops in our offices.  Some common sights include framed photos of the family dog, enough Starbucks mugs to open an in-office coffee shop, and all those useless stress balls and glow-in-the-dark pens that make their way back from tradeshows.  Without a doubt, however, the most common office eye sore is paper! 

Stacks and stacks of paper form those abstract masses setting upon our desktops.  For some people, creativity and productivity thrive from beneath the piles, while for others it spells disaster.  Desktop clutter is a common culprit of reduced productivity, lost documents, and missed deadlines.  No matter what, a messy desk may send the wrong signal to those around you.

With many companies going through layoffs, it may be the right time to clear out your clutter and start making a better impression.  Here’s an interesting article from that talks more about decluttering your workspace.  You can even take their “Do You Need to Declutter?” quiz!

(by Lisa Hartig)


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