Monthly Archives: August 2008

Office Creep

Do you have a dedicated space in your home for your office?  Is your work starting to take over your space?  Are you constantly interrupted while attempting to get “work” done? To avoid distractions and minimize interruptions, ensure your home office is located in a dedicated space. Whether it is a corner of the room, […]

Packing Light

Are you headed out of town for this holiday weekend? If so, the better question is: Have you packed yet?  If not, here is one of my favorite packing tips: Roll your clothes instead of folding them when you pack your suitcase.  Rolling will help reduce the number of wrinkles you have on your clothes when you arrive […]

Too many catalogs!

I had a friend ask me this weekend how she can reduce the number of magazines and catalogs she receives.  Well, of course I had an answer.  There is a great online resource called Catalog Choice where you can easily reduce the number of catalogs you receive in the mail.  It is a free service […]

Email Addiction

According to a recent Email Addiction study by AOL, we are more addicted to email than I had thought.  AOL conducted surveys in several major US cities and found just how tied we are to our email inboxes on our PCs and hand-held devices.  Here are just some of the survey findings: In Washington DC, […]

Schedule for Your Bills

Make a schedule for when you pay your bills each month.  Maybe you want to pay them as you get them, or on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Whatever you prefer, pick a schedule and stick to it.  The stress of paying bills will soon become such a routine you won’t even thing about it […]

Frantic Unpacking at the Airport

  Have you ever been in the security line at the airport behind someone that is frantically unpacking their luggage trying to find and pull out all their liquid items at the last minute.  Well, yesterday, I was at the airport and saw this happen right in front of me.  Not only was the person in […]

Get It Out of the Way

Plan to tackle that one item on your to-do list that you’ve been avoiding for way too long first.  Get it out of the way early so you can enjoy the rest of your day without thinking about the task you’re putting off.  Once you get into the routine of tackling the most cubersome task […]

Stacks and Stacks of Books

According to a report by the Book Industry Study Group, there are 17 new books published each and every hour of each and every day, meaning that 148,920 books are published yearly in the U.S.  That is ALOT of books! How many of those books are lying around your home or office?  Probably quite a […]

Divide Your Space

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a large home, one thing everyone has in common is breaking up a space into highly functioning areas (or “zones”).  One of my favorite things to use in breaking up any space is bookshelves.  Finding a shelving unit that is narrow and see through can create a great room […]

Clear Off Your Desktop… Keep Your Job!

With Americans working an average of 1,797 hours each year, it’s no wonder our desks have become our home away from home.  The most interesting items seem to accumulate on desktops in our offices.  Some common sights include framed photos of the family dog, enough Starbucks mugs to open an in-office coffee shop, and all […]