Monthly Archives: July 2008

Tackling the Tangled Mess of Gadgets

How far can you make it down the street before you notice someone with a phone to their ear, a laptop bag slung over their shoulder, those signature white ear buds blasting their favorite songs, or tiny Blackberry buttons being compulsively pressed by chronically cramped thumbs?  Likely, not very far at all. According to the […]

Color-Code Your Boxes When Packing

When you are packing, be sure to label each box to correspond with a room of the house and the contents of the box.  Consider color-coding the labels of each box to help you find the most important items easily once you arrive at your new home.  Supplies you need when packing include: packing tape, […]

Snooping Around

Maybe you’ve taken a quick peek into a friend’s medicine cabinet or glanced at papers or books on a coworker’s desk.  Is this a guilty act of pleasure, the irresistible tug of curiosity, or could this be legitimate psychological research?  According to a fascinating article on, the technique of snooping around someone’s space can […]

“The Hanger Trick”

Do you ever have trouble letting go of clothing items from your closet because you don’t know the last time you wore an item or think you “might” want to wear it again?  If so, start using the “hanger trick” today and the next time it comes time to do a closet purge it’ll be much […]

Go Vertical!

When organizing a home office, use vertical space to your advantage. The best way to reduce clutter in an office and to get paper and items off the floor is to go up and use the walls! Hang paper sorters, hooks, and shelving from the walls and you’ll immediately have more space to store all […]

Hard to Reach Places

Do you ever find that items are lost in the back of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets?  Do items disappear from sight and then you never think to use them again?  Well, today I want to tell you about one of my favorite products that will help you get to those hard to reach places […]

Watches are a Girl’s Best Friend

We’ve all heard the saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, yet today I read an interesting article that says watches are now taking the place of those precious jewels. Not only is your watch ultra-stylish, disguised as a great piece of jewelry, but it is also one of the greatest time management tools you have.  […]

Tip of the Week: Split projects into small increments

Split large projects up into smaller parts – you can still get just as much done during the day when you do things in small increments.  If it helps keep you on track, set an alarm for 15 minutes and commit to performing a task until the alarm goes off before moving on to another […]

Welcome to the Innovatively Organized Blog!

Thank you for visiting the iOrganized Blog.  Soon, we will be posting useful organizing tips, fun organizing articles and stories, as well as reviews of our favorite organizing products.  We can’t wait for the blog to get going and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed designing it.  As the blog grows, we’d love to hear your […]